SLRSA Taking Steps to Reduce Road Crashes


The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) is taking steps to work in concert with civil society organizations to assist the Authority in sensitizing drivers using the Toll Gate during this electioneering period that has resulted in an influx of vehicles carrying party supporters on campaign trails as well as resulting in an increase in road crashes which the SLRSA says it is putting modalities in place to reduce such unfortunate incidents resulting in loss of lives, injury and damage to properties.

Quite recently, an accident along the Kabala axis took the life of Journalist SU Thoronka of Global Times Newspaper. Other Journalists were lucky to escape with minor bruises but mostly unhurt.

In an effort to educate drivers on the dangers of not adhering to road safety rules and regulations like not drinking alcohol, keeping within specified speed limit and not answering their mobile phones while driving among other rules and regulations for keeping safe on the road, a collection of civil society organizations, says it has approached the SLRSA to see how they can complement the Authority’s efforts at this time when campaign trails from Freetown to the provinces are taking place almost on a daily basis and hence the number of vehicles and people plying the routes has swelled significantly.

As we went to press, efforts to contact SLRSA to find out what methods they intend to use to motivate drivers to fully comply with SLRSA rules and regulations in order to save more lives were futile. The PRO Mr. Dumbuya was absent attending a meeting elsewhere.

However, sources close to this press maintained that the SLRSA intends to collaborate with civil society organizations to assist educate, sensitize and equip drivers using the Toll Gate with the requisite information for road safety and to assist in monitoring exercises to ensure that drivers follow suit. ayv

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Abu Bakarr Tarawally is a Journalist based in Freetown. He works for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation as a radio producer. He has once served as Editor for a few newspapers in Freetown, including Sierra Express Media, The Exclusive Newspaper and his own newspaper, the Daily Express Publications. He is a teacher trainer, and loves writing and reading a lot. Email: Call +232 88601277 or +2327661303.


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