APC Holds Final Campaign Rally


The All People’s Congress (APC) party has concluded their final mass rally in a grand style ahead of the March 7 2018 elections. The road show started much earlier in streets of the capital Freetown in pomp and pageantry, painting the streets red.

The number strength is encouraged by a number of factors including the crowed pulling ability of the main opposition, the Sierra Leone People’s Party which claimed to have mastered a crowd of over a million persons February 26th.

The opposition is launching a comeback to power bid having sheltered in the wilderness for a period of 11 years trying to perfect their grand nom as a government in waiting.
The deciding factor in the language of the All People’s Congress is not by taking turns after turn in a rotational idea. The APC thinks democracy is based on a popular ticket to determine outcomes in the polls. The APC also anchors the mindset  that they are the only political party that has development Sierra Leone’s infrastructure.

The opinion is divided on that note as the SLPP say Sierra Leone is already bleeding at the extreme edge on a number of issues including the current messy state of the economy and a swathe of external debt consuming the country.

The crowd on Wednesday speaks differently of these issues as the ‘popular ticket’ ideology carries the day. The idea is that: number strengths might be a determining factor to predict the outcome of the March 7 elections.

The capital city is estimated to stomaching about two million inhabitants. Unfortunately, only a figure slightly above 800 eligible voters turned out during the registration period.
The reality about the mass rallies crowd therefore is understood from various points of view as political exuberance and a major hype to the polarity of major candidates contesting in the March 7 elections.


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