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NEC has announced 50% so far and several people are working the mathematics to figure the outcome of the March 7, 2018 polls. The scope has been tightened as the opposition SLPP boost a massive figure comeback to narrow the rulling APC lead from an early 2.6% to 0.11 in the presidential race.

A lot of results still remain to be cleared in the strongholds. The entire elections expected demography is in tiers of 40% South-East and 60% Northwest. This is according to the voter registration figures demography for the 2018 elections.

So far 50% of the polling centres across the districts have been cleared and this is the results analysis done by Hon. Claude D M Kamanda, a former APC Member of Parliament in the Western Rural District:

1. Eastern Region – 1117 Stations
Kono has 327 Stations (C4C 7 seats and APC 2)

2. Southern Region – 1107 Stations
Moyamba has 262
(APC won 2 of the 6 seats)

Hence, South-East has 2224 Stations Remaining ( But Kono has 327)

3. Northern Region – 915 Stations
Falaba has 119 (SLPP has 1 seat)

4. Northwest Region – 857 Stations
(Kambia has 275)

5. Western Region – 1510 Stations
(SLPP has 3 of the 28 seats)

Hence, North/Nw/WA has 3282 Stations

Taking into consideration the number of Constituency Seats Won and the Voting Pattern, APC will have to earn big time votes of the 50% remainder of Stations.

@ Hon. Claude Kamanda

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