The All Peoples Congress (APC) political party will like to inform the general public that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has agreed to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software for NEC’s Parallel Tallying of primary raw data results from the RRF forms. This has been communicated via the signing of a Communique at Bintumani Hotel this morning under the auspices of three former Heads of State leading Electoral Observer Missions to Sierra Leone.

We also wish to inform that, prior to now, it had already been agreed upon and resolved by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) that they will go by the Order of the Courts for a Manual Transfer of the elections results outside of any VPN, Internet or external wireless connection. We want to assure our supporters and members of the general public that there is no debate on that. There will be no use of VPN or Internet in transferring the election results.

Furthermore, as outlined in the Order of the Courts for Section 94 of the Public Elections Act (2012) to be adhered to, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has assured that District by District tallying and District Level Certification of results is what will happen this time – with all results being first tallied and certified at District Levels before taken for Regional Certification and then for the attention of the National Returning Officer.

The only outstanding issue had been over NEC’s proposed added layer of transparency with a parallel system of tallying as outlined in March 29th 2018 Press Release signed by NEC Chairman Mr. Mohamed Nfa Alie Conteh. There had been a difference in positions between SLPP and APC over the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for NEC’s proposed parallel tallying system outside of the Tally2018 special software built by NEC.

The SLPP had vehemently not wanted Microsoft Excel to be used for the parallel tallying process whilst APC had found the use of a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on a separate standalone computer, to be the ideal and most simple solution to be used for NEC’s Parallel Tallying.

We are therefore pleased to inform that after discussions at Bintumani Hotel on April 1st and April 2nd 2018, both sides reached an agreement as outlined in the attached signed agreement. The SLPP has finally agreed for the use of Microsoft Excel in NEC’s Parallel Tallying system.

The APC believes that with the above developments, the whole country is now on the road to a more transparent results tallying system that will enhance our ability to monitor the process, raise issues and ensure a better and more credible result collation process. We want to assure all our supporters that we have a robust team of agents at the tally centers which include political leaders, lawyers and Information Technology specialists who are set to raise issues of the party and proffer solutions that will further enhance the party’s already-assured victory in these presidential runoff elections.

Meanwhile, the attention of the APC has been drawn to a most unfortunate Statement being shared on social media by the official Communications Team of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) immediately following the signing of the Communiqué this morning at the Bintumani Hotel. The signing was done in a beautiful atmosphere. The APC therefore finds it very sad that after such a colourful display of brotherliness between the next President of Sierra Leone Dr Samura Kamara and the SLPP presidential candidate Brigadier (rtd) Julius Maada Bio, as they resolved outstanding issues around the Parallel Tallying Process, the SLPP will issue out such a malevolent, misleading and reckless statement to impugn the process. We ask all concerned to ignore the wild claims in that misguided release.

We also want to draw the attention of the International Community to the contents of that SLPP Statement. The SLPP Statement being shared on social media, speaks for itself as to the sincerity of the SLPP in the unifying cause of this our great country against the background of ongoing developments.

Alhaji Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh
National Secretary General, APC
*Monday April 2nd 2018*


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