Residents of Mogorviewo village, in Moyamba District have sang songs of praises and displayed cultural paraphernalia in congratulating President Bio on winning the presidency in the recently concluded 2018 presidential election.

“As the birthplace of president Bio’s mother, we are proud that this part of the country is blessed to beget a son that has made it to the presidency. We are overwhelmed and the better way to make the world know that we are happy is to openly celebrate his victory here, and that too before the lenses of the media which would report on this event accordingly,” an elderly person in the village, Pa Augustine told

Mogorviewo village is nine miles away from Moyamba town in the south-west of Sierra Leone. It is a deprived community with poor housing facility and without electricity and good roads. Bio himself used to visit Mogorviewo as a young man coming up.

Pa Henry Thomas said President Bio used to spend his school holiday vacations in the village and they used to sell coffee to assist him pay his fees. He said Maada Bio was very good to them when he served in the NPRC regime. He said “We started praying for him (Bio) since he handed over power peacefully to the democratically elected government of Ahmed-Tejan Kabbah whose era marked the birth of multi-party democracy that paved the way for political pluralism in Sierra Leone.”

Another old man Pa Henry Francis N’danema of Gbonjima Village, the sectional headquarters of Angigboya where Mogorviewo falls in Moyamba District said President Bio supported construction of the health facility in Gbonjima village. He said he took it upon himself to educating people in the village about Bio’s contributions to peace and the democratic process of the country. According to him, his sensitization energized other people to voluntarily campaign in the surrounding villages on Bio’s behalf. Pa N’danema congratulated President Bio and called on him to always remember his village.

The villagers brandished a lot of traditional regalia including the famous palm tree, which is symbolic of the SLPP. I visited the village on Thursday 5th, April 2018 around 11am after the announcement of the presidential runoff result on the 4th of April. I met them dancing with palm leaves and singing traditional songs of thanksgiving to God for favouring their son to win the election. They thanked the people of Sierra Leone for the sounding victory.

Reporting by Francis N’danema, from Moyamba district

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