Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, stepped down upcountry a few days after being sworn in office to foster peace and national cohesion. He spoke to over a thousand Sierra Leoneans at Masimgbi in the northeast that fled violent clashes in Kono following the Sierra Leone People’s Party victory in the March 31st runoff polls, ushering in President Julius Maada Bio –duly elected.

Many of them children and women, these Sierra Leoneans have been sheltered for weeks in the auspices of the Paramount Chief Kanagbaro Sanka III in the Konike land. VP Juldeh Jalloh said there is need for national cohesion and return to normalcy. Politics of colours, tribal sentiments and regional divide are of no essence, he stated, adding that the government is concerned that such a huge number had to seek refuge in some places in their country all because of violence, harassment and intimidation.

Mr. Jalloh grew up in Kono and as his personal constituency, he arranged for repatriation of the displaced party. There were reports of post election skirmishes allegedly influenced by a certain Paramount Chief Kai Torto. According to reports, he had threaten his subjects not to vote in the SLPP as he openly shown support to then ruling All People’s Congress party. The aftermath left several houses burnt and personal effects carted away.

A joint cross party team comprising the APC and SLPP joined the Vice President in this show of solidarity. The team thanked the Paramount Chief enough for his elderly role in supporting the vulnerable group as they each received reparation packages –sending them home.

In another development, a quasi cabinet has been formed comprising 14 appointed ministers –awaiting parliamentary approval to run the affairs of government in the Maada Bio led administration. These include the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ministry of Energy and Power Resources, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and others.

Reports indicate that Sierra Leone is in a current state of messy economic situation as the revenue kitty was dried up by the APC regime. On account of such, the government has had to put mechanisms in place to remedy the ugly spate and save the embarrassment. That is why development economist Jacob Jusu Saffa has been appointed to stake the revenue purse.

Brigadier Retired Julius Maada Bio is already been confronted by a number of challenges in his presidency. The masses are calling for a clean sweep of corrupt officials and made to pay for the loots. It is reported that government property including vehicles and other amenities were carted away and the government has to cripple –walk to a baby infant position, a form of backpedal against the progress formula they should go forward with.

Sierra Leone politics is characterised by a pragmatic phenomena over the time. Then ruling All People’s Congress based their track record on roads infrastructure and electricity. The Sierra Leone People’s Party campaigned on the strong points of improving the economy by mapping out efficient fiscal policies and revenue generation strategies for prudence. They also campaigned on quality free education, scaled up energy output and diversification of the economy.

The five year mandate has already begun for Maada Bio and team to showcase their level of pragmatism and make the difference despite the barefaced economy bequeathed.

Many are asking for a precedent to be set so that it becomes a guiding principle to the public service that individuals serving in various capacities should not misuse or abuse public offices all because their party is in governance. Reporting By Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally. admin


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