Nairobi: The African Climate Week


Today Kenya held the first African Climate Week this Monday, April 09 to April 13, 2018; the conference was opened by Mr. Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change  by recalling above all the Paris agreement on climate change and especially the importance of respect of this agreement as well as the objectives set up to date.

Further on, the UN’s Executive Secretary for Climate Change stated the importance of stepping up global action and ambition on climate change in all sectors, whether private or public, and action must be common.

The main features of the African Carbon Week were whithin:

Encourage global collective action to fight climate change
Supporting project developers by connecting them with private investors, international representatives, as well as government officials for is not boosted the process of fighting climate change.

The Respect the agreement and goal of Paris. because one of the goals of the Paris Agreement is to put in place sufficient investments and funds to improve climate change.

To implement a climate of social, political and economic cohesion so that the leaders of these different sectors can build their professional and business networks in Africa. It is important to remember that Promote sustainable development and climate action through technology
Much has been done on current trends in international carbon markets, financing and project opportunities in the energy sector, promoting etc …

This African week has largely accomplished its mission of supporting and implementing nationally determined contributions to the United Nations goals and sustainable development in terms of climate change.

Now waiting the COP24 to see the new perspective of climate change.

Mamadou Bailo Diallo, In Nairobi

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