Emerson performs in half full stadium


For the very first time, Emerson’s show at the National Stadium recorded very low attendance.

The Musician’s popularity, some believed is rapidly going down, following a mindset that he sided with the ruling SLPP government against the previous administration which he accused of trying to kill his career by repeatedly refusing to grant him permission to perform at the National Stadium in Freetown, whilst that opportunity was given to Nigerian and other foreign artist.

As he performed at the Stadium at the weekend, people outside attending the Chamber of Commerce ‘Trade Fair’ were heard making sarcastic comments against the artist whose decision to play the mimic role in running political satires with his songs stand annoys many who favors those. some believed he is doing it out of personal vendetta.

“This guy will no longer fool us.  We know he is clearly in support of another political party and not the voice of the people he used to be… If e want mek e go performa nar Bo en Kenema.  Wi di tenant dem na Fritong say good do”​ remarked one Andrew Johnson, a music promoter.

‘Good do’ is one of Emerson’s latest lyrics which choreographed the several mishaps of the immediate past regime of former President Ernest Bai Koroma. The ideas were fierce with the usual talk of ‘d pa don woke’,  meaning the father of the nation has completed his task with a taste of satisfaction, contrary to the ridicules in the realities that the past regime left behind a broken economy with huge debt burden and fiscal deficits.

Emerson is always at controversy doing his lyrics. He first came to the limelight in 2005 with the hit song ‘borbor belle’. The lyrics captured a broad picture of corruption and its effect on the penury stricken -in a situation the rich were in clear distinction above poverty level while the poor was at society’s lowest ebb.

following that song many in Sierra Leone thought the lyrics did justice to put on floor the prevailing situation at the time. Many in Sierra Leone believed then that the SLPP regime was corrupt and full of inept politicians. Following the elections in 2007, the SLPP lost the elections. Emerson did a welcome song for His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma, but he did mentioned in his lyrics that if the president failed to perform as expected, he was going to pull the strings, so in 2016 he did a stellar ‘Munku boss pa matches’ in his usual parody. The song ‘Good do’ is just the final nail in the coffin of the Ernest Koroma regime which lost the March 2018 polls.

The sugar meresin entertainment hits maker seems not bothered with the perceptions about his career going down. For him it’s a matter of serving his country with true conscience and always stand for what is right and expedient. Emerson said his show is a final triumph against tyranny and totalitarian tendency which bedeviled the Ernest Bai Koroma administration by stifling talents in the country.

He says he is stronger than ever to move on with his career and to promote Sierra Leone’s true music culture and is unfazed with the level of snide remarks bandied on his name.

Pundits have described this unprecedented boycott of Emerson who used to be the country’s most popular musician as a strong message to the Bio led administration that  citizens are yet to accept the status quo.


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