Hon. Dr KKY, the true moral conscience of parliament


It is no secret that KKY suffered the worst of APC’s wicked politics in the recent elections. Therefore, one would understand if he or any of us who suffered under the despotic leadership of Ernest Koroma and his APC party, supports any action that would weaken the APC party and its leadership.

However, the position that Alhaji Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella took in Parliament Wednesday, which seemed to have favoured the very APC, was done on Principle for the respect of our laws and our sacred constitution. He refused to participate in an illegal process to elect a Speaker of Parliament because the procedure used was unconstitutional and morally wrong. As he rightly noted, his position was not against the elected Speaker nor against the SLPP party but against the process and for the respect of our sacred constitution, our laws and the values he represent.

This can be seen as an example of one of many to come, that KKY is prepared to be *the moral conscience of the house of Parliament*. In this case he sided, rightly so, with the law over political expediency, very unusual in our recent politics. His actions reminds me of the KAI-SAMBAS of blessed memories.
This is just an example of the foundation of his moral standing, to be always judicious and fortright.

Personally speaking, I also believe, as he demonstrated, that it is wrong for anyone to use unlawful Machiavellian political maneuvering to go after APC even though those were the same tactics APC used to go after the opposition. It does not mean we should use the same illegal means once used by APC. We need to think of changing our politics. The old ways have not helped. We see the deplorable examples of our past. We need to move away from it.

Therefore, I am vehemently against the removal of Mohamed Bangura and the other APC Parliamentarians from the house of parliament while the courts are yet to give a ruling on the petitions filed against them.

It is true that APC violated the laws by filing in candidates who do not qualify to run for Parliament. The APC leadership had a sense of impunity and disrespect for our laws. Therefore, I very much support the filing of the Petition against their illegal Parliamentarians to be.

However, the rules are clear, with respect to the elections of the Speaker you must have a quorum at least even if you cannot get *ALL MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT* being present as stipulated in the laws. APC failed to respect the laws they should pay the price for their actions, but SLPP should not break the law in doing so. Otherwise our laws would have no value as APC tried to make them to be.

I believe those Parliamentarians in opposition to the said illegal and unconstitutional election of the speaker can exercise a line of recourse through the courts. They could jointly file a petition for the courts to bring clarity to the issue.
Contrary to other opinions, I believe the Courts have both moral and constitutional obligation to interpret sections of the constitution and Parliamentary rules within the context of the actions taken on Wednesday April 25.
If the constitution is silent to the specifics of this matter, the judges still have an obligation to come up with a reasonable resolution that is fair and objective without any political bias.

This maybe unprecedented hence, history in the making. The position each party takes, including those of the judges would be written in the sand of history. So I hope their legacy and the interest of posterity would be the influencing factors in their decision-making process.
*Jesmed F Suma*.
Apr 26 2018
*J-PAC ©*

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