Meet Young Sierra Leone’s Horror Movie Producer with flick touches


Aruna Salim Samura is a young Sierra Leonean Film Producer, Script Writer and Actor based in Freetown. He shoots to stardom after starring in the movie Sankoh’s Diamond in 2012, which he produced under his DreamWorks Pictures, Sierra Leone trademark.

His passion for visioning, manuscript production and acting continues to grow thereafter and he decided to introduce a spark in his artworks blending action and metaphysical horror films. The narrative is such that his movies pitched above the expected standard of West Africa horror, which has the enigma of witch craft and black magic.

His indelible imprints on the sand of time are glaring in the burgeoning film industry in Sierra Leone. One of his movies, the Devil’s Breath scooped the stellar ‘New School Award’ in 2017 and was nominated Best Producer in the ‘New School category.’

Samura’s DreamWorks Pictures SL has produced three movies: Sankoh’s Diamond, Action orient in 2012, Devil’s Breath, Psychological Horror in 2015, and Dark Mirror, Metaphysical Horror in 2017. He co-produced Gbamgbayilla, a Traditional Horror movie class. Other works include Sierra Tong, his first TV Series drama pitching the relics, customs and traditions of Sierra Leone depicting the daily life and culture of the people.

The profile of his production ideas compares the competitive advantage of sales records of other movie production labels. So when Sankoh’s Diamond was released it registered office box sales of about 15 thousand copies or more mainly in the capital Freetown. Hitting the ground running, DreamWorks Pictures SL works on excellent ideas to rebrand the narrative. A stellar narrative style is being introduced in the upcoming movies, stay put. Those in the label include: ‘Savage’ and ‘John Doe’.

Samua’s style of acting is such that characterises the variety and action style of popular Bollywood Actor Sharouk Khan. The emotion feat, dynamism and versatility are just a model Aruna Salim tries to put out when he goes into character.

He works for the Freetown City Council as License Examiner and also handles Business documentations.


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