Climate change spares nothing


The consequences of climate change are becoming widespread and are becoming more and more important in time and quantity in all areas. Until then, there has been more talk of floods, drought, rising seawater, heat and other with their attendant consequences in everyday life, a new study published Monday in Nature Plants shows that extreme events will affect barley production.

This drop in cereal production will make the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage scarcer and more expensive. “A drop in global barley production is an even bigger drop in barley production devoted to beer,” warns Dabo Guan, professor of climate change economics at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain. -Britain. He explains that “high quality crops are even more sensitive”.

If global warming continues at the current rate, increasingly severe drought and heatwaves will hit one of the major growing regions this century at least once a year, resulting in a 16% drop in global warming. world beer production. This figure represents the equivalent of the annual consumption today in the United States, according to a calculation of researchers in their study.

So the question is no longer whether climate change will affect our way of life; rather, it must be to know if we want to reverse the trend by combining our efforts to reduce the negative impact of man’s action on Mother Nature.

Mamadou Bailo Diallo


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