Turkey: The city of Istanbul revolutionizes the subway trip by making a gesture for the Environment.


Travelers can now reload their metro card by recycling plastic bottles and metal cans.

The mechanism is rather simple: when a passenger arrives in front of the transport ticket machines, he just has to insert his plastic bottle or his metal can into the hole provided to recognize and exchange his waste against a ticket. The value of the ticket is defined according to the volume of the waste exchanged.

This mode of payment gives which makes the city clean and sanitizes the environment makes happy in Istanbul. The successes recorded encourage the continuation of the project: by the end of the year, the recycling sites will go from 25 (currently) to one hundred to better serve this large of 15 million inhabitants who can now exchange waste against trips in the subway.

The initiative provides revenue and environmental protection that is being invaded by millions of tons of waste littering streets, beaches and forests, particularly in Africa, where there is almost no waste recycling system .

Mamadou Bailo Diallo

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