Guinea: Citizens are struggling to join the collective sanitation and the government is questioning itself.


While the Guinean capital is one of the dirtiest cities in the world, the Kassory government wants to force the population to participate in the collective sanitation operation scheduled for the last Saturday of each month.

But the broomstick of citizens is slow in coming and the government is impatient and goes through immobilization for any machine rolling from 6am to 11am during the monthly sanitation operation. This prohibition to circulate is to mobilize citizens to clean the city but obviously, this is not enough.

This Saturday, October 27, despite a communiqué forbidding the circulation of any machine not having a special authorization, the citizens have early in the morning wanted to go about their business but, police blocks were drawn up in the main intersections of Conakry to immobilize any vehicle that ventured to violate the prohibition.

In Sonfonia, hundreds of people are stranded and users regret “this forced mobilization” according to a local citizen who has requested anonymity: “we must not force citizens to participate in an activity they do not adhere to. The government must first get rid of these mountains of garbage that litter our streets before inviting citizens to do more. But we are blocked next to garbage to tell you that they are cleaning up the city … “.

I took a tour around the capital Conakry, and there was no sanitation activity in the city.

The Guinean government should review its garbage management policy because at the moment, the capital is everythinig but  not clean.

Mamadou Bailo Diallo in Guinea

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