Sierra Leone: Commissions of Inquiries Postponed!

Sierra Leone's Attorney General and Minister of Justice

The commissions of inquiry were scheduled to commence on the 4th of January 2019. The legal instruments have been set in the well of parliament and the required certificates were issued to give the go ahead for the process to commence. Unfortunately, however, it cannot go ahead, according to the Attorney General Dr Priscilla Schwartz because the venue is not yet ready. She said the inquiry would start soon, at any time in January.

There are lots of apprehensions, ahead of the inquiries. According to the main opposition, the All Peoples Congress, their members would not cooperate with a Kangaroo court -given the likelihood, because the commissions did not take into account the rule of evidence in setting them up.

The government, on the other hand says the process is going to be free and fair and there should be no room for doubts as the process is only a prelude to an investigation process that would corroborate the rule of evidence in the next approach to try members of the past government suspected to have stolen money from state coffers.

On his part the Chief Minister said “CORRUPTION IS FIGHTING BACK”. He told citizens to stay calm and wait for the real deal to begin as the commissions will investigate anybody who was involved in corruption during the previous administrative dispensation.

When asked whether they were moved by the demonstration from the opposition All People’s Congress (APC),
He said they do not see demonstration as a threat that can stop the operations of the commission. “It is corruption that is fighting back”. He stressed.

The Chief Minister reaffirmed their commitment in fighting corruption till the end. He said the fight against corruption will be a continuous process until our public officials deliver on transparency. The fight against corruption, he said is not for any political party but for anybody who has questions to answer on corruption related matters. “We are ready to investigate even our own public officials as long as we have evidence of corruption against them”. He stated. Reporting by Alhaji M Jalloh in Freetown.


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