Ambassador Visits Shuwikh and Jleeb Deportation Centers


In less than four months after presenting her credentials to the Amir of Kuwait, Her Excellency, Haja Ishata Thomas has been embarking on a series of consultative and familiarization visits to Agencies and Authorities to discuss critical matters affecting Sierra Leoneans residing in Kuwait.

A cross section of her staff including the Head Of Chancery, Mr Lungay paid a courtesy visit to the management of Shuwikh and Jleeb Deportation Centers to know first hand the conditions of Sierra Leoneans in both centers and to know how best the Embassy can be of help to Sierra Leoneans awaiting deportation.

The Shuwikh Deportation centre is currently housing 15 Sierra Leoneans of which 12 are females and 3 are males. The Ambassador tried to leverage the officials to consider promptly addressing matters that are related to Sierra Leoneans and to fast track their deportation processes.
The soft spoken Ambassador expressed her feeling that ” as a woman and a mother she is completely saddened by the detention of Sierra Leoneans, especially female Sierra Leoneans that are been held in Shuwikh and Shelter”, as the Ambassador, she said, it is her responsibility to visit and discuss with authorities on issues concerning the welfare of Sierra Leoneans living in Kuwait.

Both meetings were highly successful as the manager of Jleeb Deportation informed Her Excellency that the long delayed contract had been signed with the Ministry of Interior which will pave the way for a fast track deportation process. The manager also said that within the next two weeks the deportation process will commence.

Her Excellency later met with female Sierra Leoneans in Shuwikh Deportation were she admonished them to be patient, maintain the peace and be law abiding as the Embassy is actively working on their case.

Pictures attached.

Mohamed C. Marrah
Public Liaison Officer


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