Mansa of Islam for Kamadu Yiraia Chieftaincy

Sheikh Musa Mansaray in white regalia seated with the RSLAF Chaplain

By Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally

Sheikh Musa Mansaray is one of the youngest Islamic clerics in Sierra Leone. His genealogy could be traced some 18 miles from Kabala town, in Dankawalie –home to battle tested Korankos in Falaba District. Son of Musu Conteh and the late Bala Kabala, a member of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

In this typical Koranko family settings, the Mansaray(s), Keita(s) and Kargbo(s) all belong to the same progeny and see these surnames as one and same.

The Sheikh is one out of five (5) boys in an overall nine (9) siblings of his mother; and one out of a family of fifteen (15) overall siblings.

Sheikh Musa serving during the Ebola crisis

Known warriors were fierce rulers. This was especially so for the Homoria ruling family. A little while before the amalgamation of Falaba District and Koinadugu, the grandfather, Mansa Homoroh –better known as Sonkarie Homoroh, occupied the throne for a period of one (1) year six (6) months. After his demise, the chieftaincy shifted position from Kamadu Yiraia Chiefdom to Badala all in Falaba District. The Balan Sama(s) in the third shift, from the same region, occupied the throne immediately after the amalgamation and keeps trending to its current 3rd generation in the person of the current Chief Alie Balan Sama Marrah III.

The Korankos of Falaba District had a reason to smile once more when the two districts were de-amalgamated in 2017. That era made way for the return of the chieftaincy staff that was long gone and suited under the rein of the current Paramount Chief. To this history, over seventy (70) years ago, the rebirth of the old culture of contesting for the Paramount Chieftaincy began its epic routines.

Commissioning bore hole well

In Dankawalie lone, five candidates have made their intentions known to run for the chieftaincy. Among them is the renown Sheikh, Mansa Musa Mansaray.

This young man represents a blend of religious figure and traditional leadership which in the past was a no-go-area.

“Go into the world and change things” is his saying. This aphorism is better explained in the plain context of inclusion. It means get involved in the mixed stupor of life and change things.

Many in Sierra Leone believe that chieftaincy is a no-go-zone for Muslims especially the status of Sheikh Musa Mansaray for the simple made to believe fact that it is associated with sinister appeals and as such is shrouded in the clouts of Satan and his ways.

Sheikh Musa believes that in itself is a defeat to Islam and its command. This means that over the years, the people have been selling an excellent idea of self-destruct against the will of Allah. “If Satan is demystified in this way and his proponents hold the firm beliefs that the narrative should be in that form or manner, here is time now to change such narrative and approve that Allah is supreme over all beings,” Sheikh Musa declared.

This contest, he said, is a contest for people with faith and for those whose first religion is Islam. In that given circumstance, he said all believers are of the same posterity. It is also a contest for positive thinking people and those who have faith in young people and the wherewithal to transform Kamadu Yiraia.

Sheikh Musa brings into the fold of leadership wisdom, knowledge and understanding as in the peaceful submission of Mulku Sulaiman, that is King Solomon who was a prophet and a wise King; the wisdom of Moses and Haroun that is Aaron to name a few.

The young Sheikh worked briefly at Focus 1000, a faith-based organisation working in the health sector and research based projects to ameliorate the suffering of the masses in Sierra Leone. He is also a certified Handball Coach and is currently the Deputy Coach of the Royal House Handball club in Western Freetown. He is also known within the political circle.

Part of his message for the Kamadu Yiraia people states: “Make the right choice and elect son of the soil, your humble servant and leader, Sheikh Musa Mansaray. He has no blemish records and God-fearing. Do not libel Islam and use my status as an excuse to ebb my candidature. Islam is part of the construct of chieftaincy in the world. It is why the Holy Qur’an is symbolised in oath-taking ceremonies. If it could be given, then it befits the one who reads it; knows it and understand its content.”

In a television program at star TV

In closing, the young man is a graduate of the: Sheikh Abdur Rahaman Majlis in Guinea Conakry; the Ansari Islamic College, in Sierra Leone; and an alumnus of the Islamic Online University. He is a Ruqya specialist. This means, he is specialised in the prophetic healing sciences, an aspect which utilizes the Holy Qur’an to cast out evil eyes manipulations, witchcraft, demon possessed and performs various forms of intercessions and soul-pleading prayer sessions.

He is the Chief Imam of Masjid Hilal at Wilberforce, a Photo-Journalist at the periodic Muslim Journal newspaper and Marketer; a tutor at the Al-Mabrouq Islamic Primary School and the United Muslim Association School, UMAS.

He is happily married to two wives and blessed with 4 kids.


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Abu Bakarr Tarawally is a Journalist based in Freetown. He works for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation as a radio producer. He has once served as Editor for a few newspapers in Freetown, including Sierra Express Media, The Exclusive Newspaper and his own newspaper, the Daily Express Publications. He is a teacher trainer, and loves writing and reading a lot. Email: Call +232 88601277 or +2327661303.


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