Armed-Robbers Invade Moyamba Town


Reports indicate that the southern town of Moyamba was ransacked this morning by thieves who carted away various items including mobile phones, tablets, cash and other personal effects.

About 11 armed robbers, according to reports, made their way to Moyamba from the southern city of Bo and midland Tonkolili in the North-western area of the country.

Their target, according to our source in Moyamba, was the reservation area which houses staffers of the CSE Construction Company and officials of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Southern Region. Other four houses were ransacked and looted.

The Human Rights Commission staff from Bo were in Moyamba to undertake outreach activities following this act of terror last night, says our correspondence in the area. Their phones, iPads, laptops and bags containing cash were stolen and their volunteer was brutally harmed on the head and feet with a machete.

some of the dangerous weapons by the armed-robbers

Armed with machetes, bayonets, iron bars and sticks when they broke in to the houses, frog-matched some people dressed in black overall attires, an eyewitness quoted as saying.

They succeeded in wounding a handful in one of the houses and raped two young girls at the St Joseph’s Convent after also looting valuables.

One of them ran out of luck and was caught after missing his way. He was taken to police custody. The Council Chair Joseph Benedict Bogba had set some gallant youth out to chase-after the armed robbers and caught 9 out of 11 in the last village very close to Moyamba Junction.

They were brought to the Police station amidst thunderous applause from hundreds of people who had gathered awaiting their arrival. Some phones and properties were retrieved. Three other people as accomplice were also arrested.

These are some of the victims and known addresses: physical violence on Mary Magdalene and Patricia Pyne of Saint Joseph Vocational Secondary School compound in Moyamba.
On the Same day at 01:30 hours; they attacked No. 8 Bo Road Salina Section Moyamba and used physical violence on Matta Lahai, Momoh Lamin, Abdul Kofi, Amadu Bailo Dialo, Jane Lahai and Angela Sesay. Their monies, phones and other valuable properties carted away.
On their way going out at 03:00 hours in the nearby bush, they used physically attacked Anderson Sylfana and Anthony Nicole all of Moyamba town.

Meanwhile, eighteen (18) suspects have been arrested with exhibits of the stolen items. Investigation into the matter is in progress, says the Local Unit Commander of Moyamba Division. Reporting by Alhaji M. Jalloh

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