Hey!!  Don’t expect this ‘Release’ to follow the format you were taught in journalism school. Okay?  It’s a “Green Release”.  Let’s go….

“Look how disgraceful this act is.  A couple of days ago, some men in military uniforms came and cleared that spot up the mountain you are seeing…  It’s a protected area up the mountain.  Just above where we had the mudslide (disaster that buried alive 1,000 people in mud in 2017).  Twenty five military men; burned and brushed that area.  That’s a sanctuary; that is a protected area….This is dangerous…  Please, let us tell our leaders it is wrong to do this.  It’s dangerous.

“We are destroying our future if we do this.  There is no future for us if we encroach on land we are not supposed to encroach on….

“Military men in protected area around the city; and no one is doing anything about it… If the military can do this to us in our country… Stop it.  Stop it…!!”

“If the military can do this to us….”: Those were the words in a video showing forests burned at the mountain at Regent village, in the capital city of Sierra Leone, Freetown; about a week ago. I recognized the voice.   It’s that of a senior management staff of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the Republic of Sierra Leone. It’s the voice of a “JC” – a Sierra Leonean who just return.

Author: Osald Hancils, 9A Hillcot Road, Freetown; 079-545715


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