Sierra Leone Needs 70, 000 Units of Blood Per Year– Dr. Gevao


The Head of the National Safe Blood Services in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Prof.  Sahr Moses Gevao has said that Sierra Leone Needs 70, 000 Units of SAFE BLOOD  per year to address the country’s national need of safe blood to save the lives of people who are most in dare need of blood, especially pregnant women and children.

Mr. Gevao made the statement in a Press Briefing at the Miatta Conference Hall at Youyi Building while intimating Press Men the occasion marking the celebration of World Blood Donor Day last week Friday. Briefing journalists, Mr. Bevao recalled that they recorded 42, 416 units of blood which falls below their national target of 70, 000 units of blood per year.

While stressing the benefits of blood and voluntary blood donation, Mr Gevao noted that blood is a very useful therapeutic substance produced in the bone marrow of human beings and that there are certain situations where the body loses it for which there is urgent need of replacement. He reiterated that there is no where one can buy or get blood for sale. “Blood is not a commodity readily made for sale” he continued “blood is the greatest gift one can give to mankind to save lives” Mr. Gevao Stressed.

Mr. Gevao called on the presses to help sensitize the public on the need of Voluntary Blood Donation as someday somehow someone you love may need blood. “Join the blood donation drive/campaign today to save live” Mr. Gevao Urged. He continued to say that voluntary blood donation can save the lives of pregnant women, anaemic children and even victims of fatal accident/injuries who are most in need of blood.

He closed by saying that, though they are advocating for voluntary blood donors they were also concerned of the safety of the donors and blood donated so as to ensure further safety of the eventual blood recipients as the blood donors are properly screened for conditions like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and more.

Mr. Gevao urged for more voluntary blood donors as they now have a pool of consistent voluntary blood donors, but however, called for more volunteers. He continued that there are certain misconceptions, myths and rumours on blood donation which he noted are untrue and urged the public to always come to their office at Connaught Hospital or the Health Education Division for more information. Reporting by Ibrahim Sorie Koroma Health Education Officer – HED/MoHS


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