NGC Rescind Decision to contest in elections


24th June 2019
The National Grand Coalition (NGC) would like to inform the general public that following consultations with its membership across the country and the diaspora, the party has decided to review its position on participation in bye-elections in the country.
It will be recalled that the NGC suspended its participation in elections due to the blatant irregularities that occurred during the Tonko Limba Bye elections in which the National Electoral Commission at its highest level displayed stark incompetence in the conduct of the election to the extent that, contrary to electoral rules and procedure, the results were announced by the Chief Electoral Commissioner without even completing the public tallying process. Furthermore, the NGC stated its unwillingness to contest further elections if the current leadership of NEC does not resign. It is obvious that such honourable acts are not within the moral compass of the leadership as business has continued at NEC as usual.
However, the NGC notes that a committee has been set up to steer implementation of the recommendations of the 2018 Elections Observer Missions (EOM) in which a significant number of reforms pertaining to electoral laws and practices are proposed. The NGC is a member of that committee and will use that opportunity to press for those reforms at NEC and in the laws that will prevent a recurrence of the Tonko Limba Bye Election disaster. Therefore the general membership is of the view that the party should resume participation in the electoral process not only for them to exercise their franchise but to further acquaint itself with all the flaws in the system that must be eradicated and brought up for consideration at the EOM recommendations implementation committee.
Based on experience, the NGC is returning wiser and bolder and will not be ready to accept blatant malpractices such as those perpetrated in Tonko Limba. We still believe in the spirit and letter of the countless Memoranda for Peaceful and Non-violent conduct that have been signed with the police, NEC and PPRC and do not expect institutions such as NEC to destroy the Democracy on which the future of our nation depends.
Consequently, it is hereby announced that the NGC will be contesting the Parliamentary Bye Elections in Constituency 110 slated for 24th, August 2019 in the Western Area Rural District and Constituency 043 in the Koinadugu District on 21st September 2019. Our membership is therefore informed that the first public engagement in this regard will be the nomination of Ibrahim Kabba a.k.a. Small Borbor on Thursday 27th June 2019 at the NEC District Office, Chukuma Johnson Drive, Waterloo.

Dr. Dennis Bright
Chairman and Leader
National Grand Coalition


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