Paul Kamara’s view in perspective to Isha Johansen winning the corruption case brought against her


Paul Kamara was the minister of sports when Isha Johansen was elected, Sierra Leone Football Association President. The outcome was controversial, but Paul Kamara at the time said, Isha was favorite for the position among the contenders. Paul’s statement and also implied that President Ernest Bai Koroma then preferred a female FA President. Along the lines, their relationship got sour and Paul no longer supports Isha Johansen. The former minister held strong belief that the SLFA President is guilty of malfeasance, if not financial impropriety. In reaction to a court verdict which acquits and discharge her of corruption charges, Paul Mohamed Kamara came out with this reaction. Bellow it reads:

“Justice Reginald Fynn worked at ACC with Abdul Tejan Cole as ACC boss, as well as Judge Glenna Thompson, the daughter of Justice Tolla Thompson. I exposed Tejan Cole and that ultimately played a major role for leaving the ACC to work for George Sorros Foundation. Isha is big sister to Tejan Cole and one of the reasons, why Isha was so antagonistic towards me. Their father Nasiru Deen Tejan Cole prosecuted me in the matter with Justice Tolla Thompson. The judge was Justice Umu Tejan-Jalloh who refused to recluse herself from the matter, even though her elder sister was married to Nasiru, the lawyer for Tolla, even though the rules of natural justice states inter alia that a man cannot be a judge in his own cause; and in this case, Umu and Nasiru broke the law. Just as Tolla also broke the law while still in office by holding the jobs of President of Appeal Court of Sierra Leone, and the same time President of the Sierra Leone Football Association that also profited him. And the law is very clear, that as long as you are a judge, it is a conflict of interest to hold any other office, whether public or private, directly or indirectly.

All the top guns at SLFA including Sec Gen Alimu Bah, Admin Sec Sweet Kay, minister Dennis Bright and others testified against me being false witnesses. I was subsequently jailed for six months and she recommended my newspaper be banned, as well as imposing a penalty far beyond what the law prescribed. After serving my sentence with no appeal allowed and no ruling given, it was quite a shock for the same judiciary to present a 60 page ruling, stating that I am a convict who is ineligible to hold any public office. Even though in reality, it was Umu and Tolla and Nasiru who broke the law. Same as Isha who chopped USD 5m without accounting to futbol stakeholders or the public for a single dime. But again, the judiciary and the ACC continue to mortgage their consciences, at the altar of political expediency and the noveau riche. In all these, with the rare exception of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, no newspaper ever probed Tolla or Isha. Virtually all the futbol stakeholders sided with Tolla, just as they did at one time with Isha before they saw her monstrous behaviour. Even though my contributions to youth futbol development in the country, is second to none. Everybody was afraid of Tolla and see the heavy toll the culture of silence and of fear has wrought on our national psyche. In all these naked ‘natin pas advantage’, no statement in the form of a reprimand, protest or concerns from any judicial source, human rights groups. Most newspapers refused to cover the trial….or anybody else saying phnn! for that matter.


And so the ruling by Judge Fynn did not come as a surprise to me because I had long stated that the ACC Trial on Isha and Chris was hogwash or a hoax. That trial was in fact meant to trap me, because some govt officials were touting that I was going to be arrested by the ACC one weekend, including my successor Ahmed Khanou and my former deputy Al Sankoh in the sports writers forum. I was subsequently invited by ACC Ade Macauley, and I already knew it was politically motivated. What the ACC didn’t know was that in fact I never signed any document for the Cameroon match and surprised that the Finance ministry should by-pass me as minister. I gave them more than they bargained for, authentic documents about Isha’s blatant corruption, especially on the Cameroon match which was the subject of the ACC investigations. Isha had double budgeted both govt and Cameroon funds on the pretext that the govt refused to sponsor the match because of Ebola. She interrupted the first match after holding Cameroon to a goalless draw before Isha replaced both coaches Ato-Mensah and John Sama, who had the requisite coaching qualifications. She then lied that our delegates were members of Al Shabab, and our ministry officials and journalists including BBC correspondent Farjah Barrie were detained in their hotel rooms for five days before they were declared persona grata and escorted under armoured security to the airport. I protested but my govt did nothing with all the national humiliation and disgrace suffered. The conspirators had also told the ACC that I collected a two weeks Per Diem but never attended the two matches played in Cameroon. I produced a receipt to show that the per Diem was paid back to the Treasury. But because they missed their target, Ade decided to indict Isha not on the Cameroon match but for a different matter altogether. The MR Test for the U 17 had nothing to do with the Cameroon match Ade was supposed to investigate. How comes he switched the matter, even though Isha also chopped the USD 50,000 from CAF meant for the test which she was supposed to do in Senegal? She however reneged on it and instead went to Choithrams, where in fact the two doctors who did their test took Isha to court for refusing to honour her bill. And the matter was widely covered by the press. You cannot hold Isha wanting for CAF or FiFA funds, but certainly the government can take action for the Cameroon funds. But of course, am not the least surprised because I had long predicted the outcome. It was a sham trial to perpetuate injustice and corruption and to deprive youth development in futbol. As well as expose our very government in condoning the this is a big mistake. They have simply allowed Isha to extend her longevity and frustrate, if not paralyze all efforts to get her out. She will not cave in, especially now that she has restored her international image and protect her positions in world futbol. The govt will soon realize it’s powerlessness as she might likely refuse to call for elections that she knows will surely remove her from power. What a shame Ady!”


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