High Court, Presides over 211 criminal cases in Eleven Days


The Special Sessions of the High Court of Sierra Leone holding in Portloko, Moyamba and Sefadu in Kono from the 10th to the 21st June, 2019 have expeditiously tried and delivered verdicts on two hundred and eleven (211) criminal cases. These cases were tried by three Judges of the High Court Hon. Justice Samuel O M Taylor in Portloko, Hon. Justice Augustine K. Musa in Kono and Hon. Justice Alfred Ganda in Moyamba supervised by Justices Allan B. Halloway JSC, Alusine Sesay JSC and Ansumana Ivan Sesay JA.
One hundred and six (106) verdicts were delivered in Portloko, fifty-five (55) in Moyamba and fifty (50) in Kono making it a total of two hundred and eleven (211) judgements that were delivered in eleven (11) days.
The eleven (11) days special sessions ensured access to justice for hundreds of persons who have been victims of offences ranging from murder, aggravated robbery, wounding with intent, sexual penetration among others.
Community leaders have commented on the successful outcome of the special sessions and are encouraging the Judiciary to continue these sessions for other districts on a regular basis.
In a similar development, the regular Criminal Session for *24th June to the 5th July 2019* is in progress with a total of one hundred and twenty-four (124) cases slated to be heard
Hon. Justice Samuel O M Taylor is presiding in Portloko with forty-seven (47) cases to be heard, Hon. Justice Augustine K. Musa in Kono with thirty (30) cases to be heard and Hon. Justice Alfred Ganda in Moyamba forty (40) cases to be heard. These cases will be heard and completed within an 11 day period.


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