APC Scribe Opens Constitutional Review Process


The All People’s Congress have in hand anew copy of its revised 1995 constitution launched at the party headquarters, Marine House, Old Railway line, Brookfields, in Freetown, on Thursday July 11, 2019. Agitators say the review was a step to ensure the leadership of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party more democratic in nature.

Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansanneh said the party has opened a window for content review and as such, all contributions, comments and criticisms by members should be submitted to the national secretariat between now and August 11th 2019 for the attention of a joint committee composed of the National Advisory Council (NAC) and the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC).

In a press release dated 12th July, 2019, Ambassador, Alhaji, Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh stated that after it had concluded its deliberations, the Party’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) on the 11th received the draft Constitutional Review Committee’s report.

The CRC, the Press Release informs, gave details of the methodology used to gather sufficient evidence of best practices, as well as obtained contributions from the Party’s membership.

For their painstaking work during the eight months review, NAC, the release states, conveyed undying gratitude to the dynamic CRC Chairman and members for their diligence and commitment in their engagements with the Party’s large membership.

“NAC has accepted and adopted the documents submitted by the CRC for consideration,” Yansanneh assured; adding that: “The party National Secretariat will make available soft and hard copies of the draft constitution and an accompanying report to all the organs and structures at home and in the Diaspora for their input.

Thereafter, the necessary processes and procedures for amending or altering the Constitution, pursuant to the provisions of the 1991 National Constitution, the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) Act and the 5th December 1995 APC Constitution will be followed.

A National Party Conference will then be convened to adopt the Constitution when all the above actions have been realized. The national secretariat in this regard solicits the cooperation of all-party members.”

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