MINKAILU MANSARAY is next in Police Radar

Minkailu Mansaray (right) standing next to former President Koroma

The deputy chairman and leader of the All People’s Congress, Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray has been invited to the Criminal investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police to answer to criminal related charges bearing his names. The Criminal Investigations Department’s invite clearly explains possible conviction charges, unless the opposition figure is able to untie his neck from the allegations as it were. The invite is published here verbatim.

The social media is already abashed with avid comments “MINKAILU MANSARAY is the next to answer for his deeds!

The NET is getting tighter as the rope with which these Tolongbo criminals fleeced the nation is slowly but surely turning into a noose around their thieving NECKS! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

In life there is always a day of the SIN/CRIME and there is also a day of RECKONING! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Those who destroyed Sierra Leone and built mansions out of the misery of the majority must pay for their crimes.
Those who were given the honoured responsibility to honestly lead our nation but who subsequently turned themselves into heartless RODENTS with steely claws, using their positions and power to devour the nation should deserve no mercy!

The only reason why our schools have no functioning labs and our teachers walk around like ghostly paupers; the only reason why our universities are devoid of any modern facilities and our lecturers have become simple hustlers; the only reason why our nurses look like starving patients and our hospitals mere mortuaries is because of the heartless activities of Mean Men like Minkailu Mansaray!

ALL of these rogues (every single one of them) must be arrested, tried and DRAINED of the LOOTS.
They need to be FLUSHED through and completely cleaned of all the stack of dirty money with which they made themselves so LOADED that they thought themselves to be untouchable Brahmins and everyone else their Dalits!

It is time for these devil-dancing country-crushing shameless- snakes who made themselves into such arrogant Mafia dons to be duly disrobed and rightly EXPOSED for what they really are.

We cannot MOVE ON without A FIRM BEGINNING establishing that Sierra Leone is NO FREE FARM FOR FLEECING FLEAS!

For those who thought this was just another “joke”, be rest assured that the New Direction is here to CHANGE our national direction for the better!

JUSTICE MUST BE DONE on behalf of all the hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans who have died because of the loathsome activities of these Core Tolongbo Criminals!
JUSTICE MUST BE DONE on behalf of the millions of Sierra Leoneans who continue to suffer and die, needlessly, inside as well as outside of Sierra Leone because a few people wanted everything for themselves!
JUSTICE MUST BE DONE because it is the very proper thing to do to break this choking chain of heartless pilfering acts and end our hopeless gory tales in a land that should have produced the best of Fairy Tales.
Greed must be tamed and
Evil must be drained!

We must all support the government, fully, to successfully conduct these investigations and other necessary subsequent actions through to the very end because it is an existential issue for our people!

And that is my personal take!”

@ A/Braima


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