Popular Veteran SLPP Woman Dies in Freetown


The Passing of Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy, wife of Late Honourable Dr Sheikh Batu Daramy (First Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone), Member of Parliament of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP). She passed away the morning hours of Wednesday 21st August 2019, at 34 Military Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone and was 97 years old.

Mama Daramy and her beloved husband, SB Daramy, were one of SLPP’s oldest members. When political dispensation was introduced in Sierra Leone in 1992, Hon. Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy left the Ministry of Finance where he was working and took part in active politics in the SLPP.  He stood for the election as a Presidential candidate. At a point when no one would step forward and register the SLPP, Dr. Sheikh Batu Daramy and his wife, Hadja Hawa Daramy (Khadar), used their personal funds to register the party.  Although he did now succeed in his bid, he proved himself as a loyalist and one of the original SLPP members.  He would move on to become a Member of Parliament.

The husband died long ago, whilst the Late Hadja Hawa Khadar Daramy survived by her daughters, Mariama Daramy-Lewis (Grand Chief Patron SLPP), Marta Daramy and Kumba Hutt.

Also, by her sons Ambassador Soulay Daramy, SB Daramy Jr, Dr. Sheriff and IB Daramy and her many grandchildren, notably Charles Tabansi and Naiomi Lewis who spent the later part of her life caring for her.  During her final days at 34 Hospital, she was cared for by Ambassador Soulay, SB Jr, Mariama and her daughter-in-law, Afiju Daramy.

Funeral will be held in Freetown on 31st August 2019 and arrangements to follow.

May Mama Daramy Rest in Perfect Peace!  God bless her wonderful doctors Dr Cole, Dr Soccoh Kabia and Dr. Johana and nurses at 34 Hospital.


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