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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024

Gento Unveils Running Mate on ECSL Nomination Day

Gento Unveils Running Mate on ECSL Nomination Day

Mohamed Gento Kamara, one of the aspirants for the Mayoral seat in the capital Freetown has gone through a successful nomination process along with his running mate, Babatunde Thomas. All crowds led to the West District Branch of the Electoral Commission office on Murray Town junction on the 28th of April to witness the all-important occasion.


Before the nomination process, Gento has been speaking about appointing a Christian as a running mate to strike a balance from the perspective of religious inclusion as he is a devout Muslim. Many wanted to catch a glimpse of the running mate for the first time, which is the reason for the buzz in the Central Business District of the capital, Freetown.


The lead aspirant arrived in an open white motorcade happily waving to jubilant party supporters and well-wishers who were singing songs of praise. Gento embodies hope for the informal sector, which contains over a third of the youth population much as he inspires others to join the political bandwagon.


Gento informed the press that his immediate task after winning the Mayoral position is to foster peace and reconcile with opposing factions in the build-up to the elections. He said tribal bigotry and the sharp divide along the political lines may not help at a time the country is trying to put behind memories of the 11 years of Civil conflict.


The climax of the process was when Mohamed Gento Kamara nominated Rev. Samuel Babatunde Thomas, as his running mate, a move that was widely greeted with thunderous applause and acclamation with many saying that the SLPP Mayoral Team is now set for victory to come June 24, 2023. Gento’s nomination was witnessed by two senior citizens of the Metropolis.



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