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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024
Girl Resurrects From the Grave in Lungi Village: A Miracle or Mystery?

Girl Resurrects From the Grave in Lungi Village: A Miracle or Mystery?

Residents of Malokoh village in Lungi are reeling from a remarkable incident where a girl named Kadiatu, pronounced dead and buried five years ago, has reportedly returned to life, sparking disbelief and wonder throughout the community.


In an exclusive interview with popular Facebook page Born2Blog, Kadiatu recounted her astonishing ordeal. She claimed to have been taken away by an evil spirit, which led to her supposed death and burial. According to her, she emerged from the grave and returned to request her family perform a sheep sacrifice to prevent her from disappearing again.


Kadiatu revealed that after her ordeal, she spent five years in Funkia under the care of a woman, but left due to discrepancies in the woman's food-selling practices. Determined to reunite with her family, she embarked on a journey back to Lungi.


Explaining the cause of her death, Kadiatu mentioned falling from a "tombi stick" while accompanying her aunt to the farm. She attributed her survival and return to the influence of the evil spirit.


Emma Kamara, who identified herself as Kadiatu's mother, confirmed her daughter's return. She stated that Kadiatu was born in 2007 and had died at the age of 12, five years ago. Her father, Morlai Kamara, similarly affirmed Kadiatu’s death and expressed immense joy at her miraculous return, noting a distinguishing mark that confirmed her identity.


The community in Malokoh village remains deeply intrigued by Kadiatu’s inexplicable return, grappling with the implications of her claims and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding her alleged resurrection.


This story continues to unfold, leaving many questioning the boundaries between life and death, faith, and the unknown.

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