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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024
Health Regulator Finds Over Half of English Hospitals Substandard

Health Regulator Finds Over Half of English Hospitals Substandard

Observer Investigation Reveals Widespread Substandard Care in English Hospitals


An investigation by The Observer has unveiled alarming findings, indicating that more than half of all hospitals in England, and over two-thirds in London, provide substandard care. Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings for 254 general hospitals revealed seven as "inadequate" and 122 as "requires improvement," constituting 51% of the total. London faced a more critical situation, with 68% of its 37 hospitals receiving substandard ratings.


Hillingdon Hospital, one of the affected institutions, faced criticism for insufficient staff, unanswered calls, and a lack of learning from incidents. Immediate action has been taken, according to the NHS trust, which highlighted positive aspects recognized in the report.


Outside London, York Hospital also received a poor CQC rating, citing issues like patients treated in corridors due to construction, unreliable infection prevention systems, and delays in diagnosing serious conditions. The hospital's NHS trust is collaborating with the CQC to address recommendations, attributing some issues to short-term building works.


CQC inspections revealed over a quarter of surgical departments in England failing to meet standards, echoing previous concerns about substandard NHS maternity services. The investigation comes in the wake of a government review prompted by serious failures in NHS care in Shropshire.

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