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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024
Kontri Boss Criticizes Shadow Boxxer's Selection of Sierra Leonean Rappers

Kontri Boss Criticizes Shadow Boxxer's Selection of Sierra Leonean Rappers

Renowned Sierra Leonean songwriter and artist, Edward Wright, professionally known as Kontri Boss, has recently voiced his disagreement with fellow hip-hop artist Shadow Boxxer regarding the latter's list of Sierra Leonean rappers deemed suitable for international representation. In a sharp response, Kontri Boss characterized the list as both eccentric and amusing, asserting that the dynamics of the music industry are poised for transformation.


Expressing his viewpoint, Kontri Boss queried whether every artist needs endorsement before being mentioned, emphasizing that such decisions ultimately rest with a higher authority. He added a personal note of satisfaction, affirming his independence by stating he has never solicited collaborations from other artists due to his own lyrical prowess.


Regarding the rapper highlighted as the standout choice, Xzu-B, Kontri Boss confidently stated that he is unchallenged in terms of lyrical skill and is poised to showcase this talent on a global stage soon.


The exchange underscores the competitive nature within Sierra Leone's music scene, where artists stake their reputations on their creative output and individual merit, rather than external validation.


This debate between Kontri Boss and Shadow Boxxer serves as a testament to the vibrant and competitive spirit that drives the Sierra Leonean music industry forward, promising further developments and artistic revelations in the near future.

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