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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024

"Police Crack Down on Drug Cartels: 11 Arrested for Unlawful Possession in Mile 91 Operation"

Police in the Mile 91 area of Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone, have conducted a successful operation resulting in the arrest of eleven individuals for the unlawful possession of various illegal substances, including cannabis sieve (Jamba), Tramadol, and kush. The operation, led by Superintendent John Songbo Mansaray and his team, was prompted by intelligence gathered from community members regarding the activities of drug cartels within the township of Mile 91.


The police operation, which took place on April 15th, 2024, involved targeted raids on locations known to be frequented by drug dealers. The officers, abandoning their vehicles, conducted thorough searches of these areas in an effort to combat the sale and consumption of narcotics. This operation marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address drug-related crimes in the region.


Following the arrests, the suspects, along with the seized contraband, were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Mile 91 Division for further investigation. The success of this operation underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal drug activities and maintain public safety.


Moving forward, the Operations team has reiterated its determination to target other communities and villages based on emerging intelligence. This proactive approach demonstrates a concerted effort to disrupt the operations of drug networks and prevent the proliferation of illegal substances within Sierra Leone.


As the fight against drug trafficking and abuse continues, cooperation between law enforcement agencies and community members remains essential in identifying and apprehending those involved in illegal drug activities. By working together, we can create safer and healthier communities for all residents.


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