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  • Friday, 21 June 2024
Police Investigate Alleged Assault on Kenema Mayor by Peace Ambassador Boss La

Police Investigate Alleged Assault on Kenema Mayor by Peace Ambassador Boss La

On May 5th, 2024, a contentious incident unfolded between the Mayor of Kenema City and Peace Ambassador Boss La, prompting swift action from the Kenema Police. In response to the reported altercation, the Kenema Police Media Unit has launched an investigation to uncover the truth behind the allegations.


Inspector Brima James Musa, spokesperson for the police media unit, confirmed the initiation of an investigation into the case brought forward by the mayor against Boss La. He assured the public of the police's commitment to ensuring safety and justice for the residents of Kenema, emphasizing the importance of thorough and credible investigations in matters of public concern.


"Our primary concern is to assure the people of Kenema that they can go about their daily business," stated Inspector Musa. "We want them to know that once a crime is reported to the police, it becomes our duty to investigate it thoroughly."


As part of the investigation process, Boss La and several of his associates were brought in for questioning at the police station on May 5th. Inspector Musa reiterated that the investigation would be conducted diligently and within a reasonable timeframe, with updates provided to the public as the case progresses.


In light of allegations of misconduct by police officers involved in the incident, Inspector Musa confirmed that these officers have been disarmed and placed in custody pending an internal investigation. Any findings of unprofessional behavior will result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with the Sierra Leone Police Force regulations.


The focus of the investigation centers on the alleged assault on the mayor, his driver, and other police officers at the Wanjama Checkpoint situated between Bo and Kenema. This incident underscores the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability at all levels of society, particularly within law enforcement agencies entrusted with maintaining peace and order.


As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits further developments, hopeful for a resolution that upholds justice and promotes peace in Kenema and beyond.


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