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  • Monday, 04 December 2023
Sierra Leone government and mobile phone companies reach agreement on mobile fee adjustment

Sierra Leone government and mobile phone companies reach agreement on mobile fee adjustment

The government of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the country's major mobile network operators (MNOs) Africel, Orange and Qcell, has successfully negotiated adjustments in mobile phone tariffs, resulting in an important win-win for all parties involved. The result was


This mutual agreement was hailed as an important milestone given the current economic challenges facing the country.


Recognizing the pressing concerns surrounding rising inflation, increases in essential utility bills such as gas and electricity, and their potential impact on the population, the government has revised the delayed rate of voice and data charges. I managed to push through the pull up. This strategic measure aims to ease the economic burden on the population during this difficult time.



One of the key highlights of the negotiations was the government's insistence on prioritizing improving the quality of mobile services over implementing rate adjustments.


With a massive market coverage of 97%, Africell and Orange are both focused on introducing cutting-edge technologies that enable improved data services, which significantly redefines the user experience.


Additionally, the government succeeded in securing promises from mobile phone companies to reintroduce free calls and rate adjustment bonuses. This move is expected to provide added value and benefits to users and make adjustments less just a financial burden.


In response to concerns about possible layoffs, the government ensured job security by securing commitments from mobile phone companies to prevent mass layoffs, thereby contributing to labor market stability.


Although the original tariff increase proposal exceeded his 100%, government intervention resulted in the cap being lowered below this threshold so that the increase would remain within affordable limits for the people.


Recognizing the increasing dependence on data for communications, negotiations have concluded that the increase in data costs will be only half of the voice cost adjustment amount, reducing the burden especially on young users who rely heavily on data services. it was done.



Furthermore, with this agreement, the mobile operator commits to further strengthen its corporate social responsibility with a focus on supporting community initiatives and the Big 5 Agenda, thereby strengthening its contribution to social welfare. It happened.


This agreement underscores the Government's unwavering commitment to responding to public concerns, championing public needs and organizing negotiations that benefit all concerned. The concessions made are evidence of the government's commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of its people.







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