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  • Friday, 21 June 2024
Fatima Kamara of Fourah Bay College (FBC) Emerges Victorious in AYV Miss University 2023/24

Fatima Kamara of Fourah Bay College (FBC) Emerges Victorious in AYV Miss University 2023/24

In a dazzling display of talent, elegance, and style, eight remarkable young women representing various universities across Sierra Leone captivated audiences during the AYV Miss University pageant. Among them, Fatima Kamara, a student of Fourah Bay College (FBC) at the University of Sierra Leone, emerged as the deserving winner of the coveted title.


The competition, which unfolded with flair and grandeur, saw Fatima Kamara clinch the crown with an impressive score of 2,288 points, as adjudged by a panel of esteemed judges. Sheknatu Isata Bangura secured the position of first runner-up, while Amzaratu Kadiati Conteh earned the title of second runner-up, showcasing the exceptional talent and grace of Sierra Leone’s young women.


As the victor, Fatima Kamara was bestowed with a host of prizes, including a brand-new Suzuki car and a prestigious one-year placement at AYV. Additionally, she will proudly represent Sierra Leone on the international stage as the country’s ambassador at the upcoming Miss University Africa pageant.


The AYV Miss University pageant stands as an annual celebration of talent, beauty, and intellect, providing a platform for young women from universities across the nation to showcase their skills and represent their alma maters on a national and international scale.


Beyond the glitz and glamour, the event serves as a testament to the academic prowess and cultural richness of Sierra Leone’s tertiary education institutions. It underscores the importance of empowering and celebrating the achievements of young women, fostering a culture of confidence, leadership, and ambition among the nation’s future leaders.


As Fatima Kamara basks in the glory of her well-deserved victory, her triumph serves as an inspiration to aspiring young women across the country, reaffirming the limitless potential that resides within each of them.


In the spirit of camaraderie and celebration, let us commend Fatima Kamara for her outstanding achievement and extend our best wishes to her as she embarks on this exciting journey representing Sierra Leone on the global stage. May her success serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations of young Sierra Leonean women to come.

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