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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024

"Foday Dumbuya: The Sierra Leonean Fashion Maestro Making Waves in the UK"

Foday Dumbuya, a Sierra Leonean fashion designer, has been making significant strides in the United Kingdom fashion scene, garnering attention both internationally and back home. Born in Sierra Leone, Dumbuya spent his formative years in Cyprus before relocating to London at the age of 12. His journey as a menswear designer and Creative Director reflects a fusion of fashion, culture, and art.


Having graduated from Nottingham Trent University, Dumbuya gained valuable experience working for renowned fashion brands such as DKNY and Nike before embarking on his entrepreneurial venture by founding LABRUM London in 2015. His commitment to mastering the craft of design led him to delve into pattern cutting and explore diverse garment creation techniques, drawing inspiration from traditional practices passed down through generations.


Dumbuya's innovative approach to fashion design incorporates elements of Sierra Leonean heritage, blending traditional silhouettes like the agbada shirt with classic British tailoring to craft distinctive styles synonymous with the Labrum brand. His creative prowess and dedication to storytelling have earned him accolades, including the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design in May 2023, presented by King Charles in the presence of football icon David Beckham.


In September 2023, Labrum gained further recognition as Sierra Leonean rapper Drizilik attended the renowned "London Fashion Week" to support the brand. This collaboration underscored the alignment between Drizilik's personal style and Labrum's designs, reinforcing the brand's cultural resonance and global appeal.


Dumbuya's journey to success has been characterized by self-determination and resilience. Despite his modest beginnings and largely self-taught approach to fashion, he embraced opportunities for learning, leveraging resources such as online tutorials and one-on-one courses to refine his skills. The name "Labrum," derived from Latin, symbolizes Dumbuya's commitment to pushing boundaries and offering a fresh perspective on migration and the Black experience worldwide through his designs.


In essence, Foday Dumbuya's story exemplifies the transformative power of creativity and perseverance, transcending borders to make a lasting impact on the global fashion landscape while staying true to his Sierra Leonean roots.

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