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  • Thursday, 18 April 2024

Human Remains of Slain Lecturer Identified

Human Remains of Slain Lecturer Identified

Police in Waterloo, have confirmed that the human remains found in the shrine of Ibrahim Kaloko is the body of Mr. Kabba Santigie Bangura, a lecturer at the Geography/Geology Department, at Fourah Bay College, Mount Aureole, Freetown.

It could be recalled that a week ago, the Cyber Unit of Waterloo Police Station arrested two men in connection to the mysterious disappearance of lecturer Kabba Santigie Bangura. The lecturer, himself, has been reported missing since the 6th, of March 2023. The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) issued a missing person public notice referencing the said 6th, of March, Case file Reference CID, CPS C/R NO. 469/2023.

Following a tipoff by neigbours of the dreaded witch-doctor, Ibrahim Kaloko, the Waterloo Police Division wasted no time to materialize at his Sherbro town residence in Newton, 4 miles from Waterloo, the Police Media officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Jalloh stated. Sources have it that a nauseating stench was oozing from the witch doctor’s house-cum-shrine that was discomforting, to say the least.  

 Family members, according to the police have identified the body of the missing lecturer, formerly of No 11 Leicester Road, Freetown. Some of the personal belongings of the lecturer, including his T-shirts, and trousers, among other things were found inside the shrine.

Armed Police officers were deployed in and around the vicinity of the shrine to safeguard the corpse until the arrival of the government's pathologist who determined that the corpse is the identified missing lecturer Kabba Santigie Bangura. The circumstances surrounding the missing late lecturer have not yet been unraveled by the investigation.

A statement from the University of Sierra Leone published on the 17th, of April 2023, has condemned the brutal killing of the lecturer and mourned the late colleague. “The administration of the University of Sierra Leone is appalled by the sad news of the discovery in a grave of the mortal remains of Mr. Kabba Santigie Bangura, a lecturer in the Department of Geography, Fourah Bay College”, the statement reads in part. Adding that “The University of Sierra Leone strongly and unequivocally condemns Mr. Bangura’s killers and therefore urges the police to get to the bottom of such a tragic incident and to bring all those responsible to book.”

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed that the prime suspect and 6 others have been arrested, helping the police with their investigations.


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