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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024
Investigation into Alleged Assault Case Leading to Death in Kono District Intensifies

Investigation into Alleged Assault Case Leading to Death in Kono District Intensifies

In a developing investigation, the police at the Department of Motema Police Divisional Headquarters in Nimikoro chiefdom, Kono District, are stepping up efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding an alleged assault case that tragically resulted in the death of Mariama Commissor.


The prime suspect, Saidu Sesay, has been apprehended, alongside another individual, Kumba Bangura, as law enforcement delves into the details of the incident. According to Thonpson Peter Nadpi, the Media and Public Relations Officer at Motema Police Division, the sequence of events began when Sorie Mansaray, accompanied by representatives from Bumpeh Town, officially reported the incident on behalf of the deceased, Mariama Commissor.


The report indicates that on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, around 10:00 PM, Saidu Sesay allegedly assaulted Mariama in Bumpeh Town. Subsequently, Mariama was rushed to the Bumpeh Community Health Centre for medical treatment. Despite efforts to save her, Mariama succumbed to her injuries at 2:00 PM on Thursday.


In his statement to the media, Saidu Sesay admitted to confronting Mariama upon returning home from work around 10:00 PM on the day of the incident. He claimed that his wife, Sia, informed him that Mariama had insulted his mother. In response, he confessed to swiftly confronting Mariama and slapping her.


Upon receiving the report of Mariama’s demise, a joint team of police officers, led by Support Officer DSP Sovula and including detectives under the leadership of Crime Officer D/DSP Sylvanus Songu, responded promptly. They visited the scene, where Sahr Pessima Fasuluku, the Community Health Officer, confirmed the presence of Mariama’s lifeless body.


Photographs of the deceased were taken before her remains were transported to the Koidu Government Hospital mortuary for postmortem examination. As the investigation unfolds, statements have been obtained from the complainant, Sorie Mansaray, as well as witnesses to the incident. Both Saidu Sesay and Kumba Bangura are currently in police custody, assisting with inquiries.


This intensification of the investigation underscores the commitment of law enforcement to bring clarity and justice to this tragic incident in the Kono District community.


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