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  • Monday, 04 December 2023
'It's an emotional day for Liverpool': Fans gather to buy Beatles new single 'Now and then'

'It's an emotional day for Liverpool': Fans gather to buy Beatles new single 'Now and then'

It looks more like 1963 than 2023 as fans flock to a Liverpool record store early on a Friday morning to buy the Beatles' new single, released late at night. Incredibly, the first person in line at HMV to buy the 7-inch and 12-inch copies of Now and Then is none other than John Lennon - his real name; I have a passport to prove it. "I started lining up at 8 a.m. Thursday," he says, wearing the same round sunglasses and "New York City" T-shirt as his legendary namesake. ``I was determined to be the first.''


Behind him is Brian Jackson, 62, who runs Liverpool record and memorabilia store Allkind and has been a fan since he was four years old. It is said that Danset. Some fans are aware of the historical nature of this event. “I want to tell my children and my grandchildren that I bought a Beatles record on the day of release,” said Ved Desai, 19, a student from Dubai. Lizzie Hillesdon, who performs as singer Pixey, says the single reminds her of the White Album. Further down the queue, 22-year-old student Jackie Oien first heard Now and Then hours earlier at a listening party in the Cavern club. “Some people were teary,” she said. “It`s an emotional day for Liverpool.”



The song originates from a demo John Lennon recorded at home in New York`s Dakota building two years before he was murdered there in 1980. John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono gave this tape to the remaining Beatles in 1994, along with demos of "Real Love" and "Free as a Bird," but the finished versions of these songs were released in their respective releases. It was in 1995 that it reached 2nd and 4th place. And he encountered technical problems in 1996. Due to the problem, "now and then" has been abandoned. Then George Harrison passed away in 2001, and he irritatedly called the song "fucking nonsense."


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