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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024
Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman accused of sexual assault through second woman

Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman accused of sexual assault through second woman

A second lady has filed a lawsuit in opposition to the award-prevailing composer Danny Elfman, accusing him of taking benefit of his electricity withinside the enterprise to strip bare in the front of her on severa events and masturbate even as she lay snoozing subsequent to him.


The suit, filed in Los Angeles advanced courtroom docket on Wednesday, comes 3 months after it became found out that Elfman became formerly accused of comparable conduct in a one-of-a-kind lawsuit and agreed to pay $830,000 in repayment neath a prison agreement.


Elfman strongly denied the allegations in that case, delivered via way of means of a younger composer named Nomi Abadi, who similarly alleged that Elfman became at the back of on his agreement payments.


The Guardian has contacted Elfman for comment. Earlier on Thursday, a spokesperson for the composer informed the Hollywood Reporter: “The allegations of misconduct made in opposition to Mr Elfman are baseless and absurd. His prison crew is assessing all alternatives and he's going to vigorously protect those claims in courtroom docket.”


The new plaintiff, cited in courtroom docket files as Jane Doe XX, became a 21-year-vintage pupil on the New York Film Academy with an hobby in tune whilst she met 47-year-vintage Elfman in 1997. According to the healthy, Elfman took benefit of his fame withinside the enterprise to “groom” her into accepting conduct that made her incredibly uncomfortable.


First, she alleged, he might automatically take off all his apparel in her presence and requested her to strip bare too – a request she agreed to due to the fact she noticed him as a treasured mentor and “continually felt the imbalance of electricity and stress to behave a sure way … [as] a situation in their endured relationship”.


Over time, in keeping with the healthy, he advanced the addiction of snoozing withinside the identical mattress as her, in the end telling her he might masturbate even as she slept – a disclosure that brought about the quit in their friendship. “His revelation that he masturbated over her became with out her consent or knowledge,” the healthy charged

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