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  • Thursday, 20 June 2024
Sean 'Diddy' Combs Strongly Denies Rape and Abuse Allegations by Cassie

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Strongly Denies Rape and Abuse Allegations by Cassie

Hip-hop luminary Sean "Diddy" Combs vehemently refutes allegations from his ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Cassie, accusing him of serial physical abuse, sexual slavery, and rape. Cassie, also known as Casandra Ventura, filed a lawsuit on Thursday, claiming Combs used his influential network to trap her in a violent relationship. The lawsuit details a decade of abuse, asserting that Combs assaulted her multiple times, controlled her life, and subjected her to a cycle of violence and sex trafficking until their 2018 breakup.


Combs, represented by renowned New York lawyer Benjamin Brafman, denies these allegations, accusing Cassie of attempting to blackmail him for $30 million by threatening to write a damaging book about their relationship. Brafman vehemently rejects what he calls "baseless and outrageous lies" in the lawsuit.


Combs, known by stage names Puff Daddy, P Diddy, or Diddy, is the founder of the iconic Bad Boy Records, a leading hip-hop producer, executive, and a highly successful performer. The shocking lawsuit portrays a dark relationship where Combs gained control over Cassie's personal and professional life, subjecting her to years of violent beatings, forced sexual encounters, and constant threats of violence.


Ventura, who signed with Bad Boy at 19 and rose to fame quickly, felt unable to refuse Combs's advances or drug offers due to his influential position, the lawsuit alleges. The suit describes Combs's alleged uncontrollable rage, forcing Ventura into sex acts with male sex workers while being photographed and filmed. Ventura, a victim of sex trafficking, engaged in forced sexual acts in multiple cities, enduring severe beatings from Combs.


Forbes magazine ranked Combs as the world's highest-paid musician in 2017, earning an estimated $130 million a year.


Public support for Ventura has surfaced, with artists like Aubrey O'Day and Kid Cudi acknowledging her experiences and expressing solidarity. O'Day stated on Instagram, "Been trynna tell y’all for years," while Kid Cudi confirmed Ventura’s account of Combs allegedly blowing up the rapper's car, stating, "This is all true."


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