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  • Thursday, 18 April 2024
Sierra Leone pastor arrested on suspicion of assault

Sierra Leone pastor arrested on suspicion of assault


Pastor David Karim is in police custody on suspicion of hurting his neighbour, John Baimba. The incident occurred in a residential area in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Pastor Karim appeared before Judge Saar Kekula at Ross Road 1 Court.


The charges leveled against the ministers of God relate to willful injury. Pastor Karim is said to have caused grievous bodily harm to his neighbour, John Baimba, on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 18B Colon Street, Wellington, Freetown.


Awoko reports that Joseph Lansana, a resident of Wellington and the second prosecution witness, narrated the events surrounding the alleged incident during court proceedings. On the day in question, Lansana and Byumba were sitting outside their house discussing national issues. At this time, Lansana briefly went to take a bath.





Ms Lansana told the court that when Pastor Karim returned, he suddenly appeared and pointed a flashlight at her. Surprised by this behavior, Lansana asked why the flashlight was on, to which the accused responded with insults and began throwing rocks. Unfortunately, one of his stones hit John Baimba in the forehead, causing a severe head injury.


Mr Lansana said he tried to detain Pastor Karim, but Mr Baimba's wife advised him to seek help from Wellington Police Station. Baimba and Lansana then gave statements at the police station and Baymba was given a medical application form to receive the necessary treatment for his injuries.


After the testimony, defense lawyer Arie Santos Sesay requested an end to the cross-examination and requested that Pastor Karim be released on bail. However, Judge Sarr Kekula rejected his bail application and ordered Pastor Karim to be detained. To continue the pursuit of justice in this disturbing case, the case is scheduled to resume for questioning of witnesses on October 17, 2023.


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