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  • Monday, 04 December 2023
Bhantal FC unveil new Jersey and squad ahead of Leone Rock Premier League debut

Bhantal FC unveil new Jersey and squad ahead of Leone Rock Premier League debut

Newly promoted Sierra Leone Premier League club Bhantal FC has caused a stir in the football world with the official unveiling of the team's kit, players and technical staff for the upcoming Leone Rock Premier League season. At a press conference at their home stadium, the club expressed their ambition and determination to make a name for themselves at the top level of Sierra Leone football.


The colorful and eye-catching team jersey, emblazoned with the club emblem and sponsor logos, symbolized the essence and pride of Vantal FC. This revelation marked an important milestone in the club's history and demonstrated its desire to compete with the elite of Sierra Leone's football.


The team presentation was a moment of pride and excitement for both fans and club management. The notable acquisitions include both experienced veterans and promising young talent, underscoring Vantal FC's commitment to a balanced and competitive team. The management emphasized the importance of a united and determined team spirit to the success of the first year of the Leone Rock Premier League.




Additionally, this announcement wasn't just about players. Also introduced was the technical team, which includes experienced trainers, fitness trainers and other staff who are essential to the club's success. The coaching staff expressed optimism about the team's potential and the players' commitment to improving their skills and strategies.


The management of Bantar FC would like to thank the community, sponsors and fans for their support and reiterated their commitment to represent the club with honor and dedication on the field. In his closing statement, the club president called on fans to support the team and create a passionate and supportive environment as Vantal FC prepares for the Leone Rock Premier League season.


The unveiling ceremony of Bantal FC, held with high hopes and ambitions, cemented Sierra Leone's presence in the football world and promised an exciting and competitive season in the premier league.




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