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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024
Bombali District Council Prepares for Independence Day with General Cleaning Initiative

Bombali District Council Prepares for Independence Day with General Cleaning Initiative

In anticipation of Sierra Leone's 63rd Independence Day on April 27th, the Bombali District Council has taken proactive measures to ensure a clean and vibrant environment for the upcoming celebration. The council has declared Saturday, April 20th, 2024, as a General Cleaning Day throughout the district, emphasizing the significance of environmental cleanliness in fostering a sense of national pride and unity.


A letter issued by the council on April 17th underscores the importance of community participation in the cleaning initiative, which is expected to last for seven hours. The objective is to ensure that all neighborhoods and public spaces within the district are immaculate in preparation for Independence Day festivities.


Citizens are encouraged to actively engage in the cleaning exercise by tidying up their surroundings and refraining from activities such as open burning, which can compromise air quality and contribute to environmental degradation. To facilitate the disposal of collected waste, the council has arranged for the availability of vehicles to transport garbage to designated dumpsites.


Furthermore, the Bombali District Council has expressed its commitment to collaborating with the Makeni City Council, local organizations, and law enforcement agencies to ensure the smooth execution of the cleaning exercise and compliance from residents.


Sierra Leone's Independence Day holds profound historical significance, commemorating the country's liberation from colonial rule by Great Britain in 1961. The decision to adopt a parliamentary system within the British Commonwealth following independence marked a crucial milestone in Sierra Leone's journey towards self-governance.


The role played by Sir Milton Margai's Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in guiding the nation through the transition to independence is acknowledged as instrumental. The SLPP led the country through its first general election with universal adult suffrage in May 1962, laying the foundation for democratic governance in Sierra Leone.


As preparations for Independence Day continue, the collective efforts of government institutions, civil society, and the citizenry are essential in ensuring a memorable and meaningful celebration of Sierra Leone's sovereignty and progress. Through initiatives such as the General Cleaning Day, communities can actively contribute to preserving the nation's natural beauty and promoting a clean and healthy environment for generations to come.

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