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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024
Connaught Hospital Pharmacists Develop Oral Morphine Solution for Patients with Chronic Pain

Connaught Hospital Pharmacists Develop Oral Morphine Solution for Patients with Chronic Pain

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Mark Kapuwa, Care Manager at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, pharmacists have achieved a significant breakthrough by successfully producing and compounding oral morphine, a crucial medication for managing severe and chronic pain. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in advancing patient care and strengthening local healthcare capabilities.


Dr. Kapuwa expressed enthusiasm about the transformative impact of this development. “The production of oral morphine at Connaught Hospital represents a significant stride in our ability to provide effective pain management,” he affirmed. Here are the key benefits brought about by this innovative initiative:


1. **Enhanced Pain Management:** Oral morphine is a critical medication for alleviating severe and chronic pain associated with conditions like cancer, post-surgical recovery, and palliative care.


2. **Improved Accessibility:** By manufacturing oral morphine locally, Connaught Hospital ensures a consistent and dependable supply, reducing reliance on external sources and mitigating potential shortages.


3. **Tailored Dosing:** The hospital’s pharmacy team can now customize dosages of oral morphine to suit individual patient needs, optimizing pain relief while minimizing adverse effects.


4. **Cost-Effectiveness:** Local production significantly reduces import costs, potentially lowering treatment expenses for patients and easing financial burdens on the healthcare system.


5. **Stringent Quality Control:** Dr. Kapuwa emphasized the hospital’s commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and efficacy in compounding oral morphine, ensuring quality assurance through meticulous oversight.


6. **Empowerment of Healthcare Capabilities:** This initiative not only enhances patient care but also strengthens Connaught Hospital’s pharmaceutical capabilities, fostering self-reliance and resilience within Sierra Leone’s healthcare infrastructure.


Dr. Kapuwa underscored the significance of this achievement in advancing healthcare services at Connaught Hospital. “Our goal is to continually improve patient outcomes and elevate our standards of care,” he stated.


The introduction of locally produced oral morphine underscores Dr. Kapuwa’s commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare delivery, positioning Connaught Hospital as a leader in progressive medical practices. Moving forward, under Dr. Kapuwa’s leadership, Connaught Hospital aims to build upon this success, further integrating locally produced medications into their treatment protocols.


This initiative not only exemplifies their dedication to patient-centric care but also sets a precedent for future advancements in healthcare innovation in Sierra Leone.


Ishaqa S. Jalloh



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