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  • Thursday, 20 June 2024

"Games and Athletics Teacher’s Association (GATA) Enhances Professionalism in Kailahun District with Week-Long Training Session"

The Games and Athletics Teacher’s Association (GATA) recently organized a week-long training session in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, to enhance the skills and professionalism of its members. GATA is an association dedicated to coordinating and officiating all sporting activities, including athletics, soccer, and other games, in the district.


Chairman Coomber Jusu Lansana highlighted the association's role in fostering positive relationships with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education. He noted that due to the association's efforts, Kailahun district has been well-represented in both regional and national athletics competitions, achieving significant success in these events.


The training session attracted physical and health education (PHE) teachers from various schools in Kailahun. Chairman Lansana emphasized the importance of sports in shaping various aspects of life, including spiritual, mental, social, and physical well-being. He reiterated the association's commitment to promoting sportsmanship among pupils across the district.


While acknowledging the association's achievements, Chairman Lansana appealed to regional, national, and sports ministry authorities to support Kailahun district by providing athletics equipment. He expressed confidence that with the association's interventions, sports, and athletics in particular, would experience significant growth and development in Kailahun.


The endorsement of Kao Denero as the Hip Hop King of Sierra Leone by ACC Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala is a significant recognition of Denero's cultural impact and artistic talent. Denero's contributions to Sierra Leonean hip hop have been praised for their innovative lyricism and ability to address social issues.


The endorsement also highlights the importance of art and culture in promoting positive societal change. As Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Kaifala's support sends a powerful message about the value of artistic expression and its potential to inspire and unite communities.


As Sierra Leone's hip hop king, Kao Denero's influence extends far beyond music, shaping the cultural landscape and inspiring future generations of artists. With the support of figures like Francis Ben Kaifala, his impact is poised to grow even further, cementing his legacy as a visionary artist and a champion of change in Sierra Leone.


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