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  • Friday, 21 June 2024
Marrah Esq and Wara Esq Denounce SLBA Illegitimate Board, Call for Extraordinary General Meeting

Marrah Esq and Wara Esq Denounce SLBA Illegitimate Board, Call for Extraordinary General Meeting

In a recent public notice, prominent members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA), Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah and Wara Serry-Kamal, have raised serious concerns regarding the legitimacy of the purportedly elected Board. Reports have surfaced indicating that individuals claiming to be members of this Board have conducted a courtesy visit to a state institution. This move has been vehemently condemned by the SLBA, which insists that no valid elections were held in Kenema, thereby challenging the authenticity of the alleged Board members.


Marrah and Serry-Kamal have announced the requisition of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to set a new date for their Annual General Meeting (AGM). This initiative is seen as a crucial step towards restoring order and ensuring democratic processes within the association.


"We categorically condemn those posing as the duly elected Board and urge all state institutions to refrain from endorsing this unlawful Board," the notice declared. Marrah and Serry-Kamal emphasized that recognizing this illegitimate SLBA Board undermines the integrity of the Association’s democratic processes and the principles of justice and fairness that the legal community upholds.


The public notice, signed by Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah and Wara Serry-Kamal, calls for the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and other governmental and non-governmental bodies to maintain their impartiality and support the rule of law. They stressed the importance of ensuring that the genuine voices of the Association’s members are respected and safeguarded.


In their appeal, Marrah and Serry-Kamal reiterated that no elections had taken place in Kenema. They highlighted that any actions taken by those claiming to be the elected Board are invalid and should not be recognized by any state or non-state institutions. This strong stance reflects their commitment to upholding the SLBA’s standards and ensuring that its leadership is legitimately chosen through fair and transparent elections.


The situation has generated significant attention within the legal community and beyond, with many calling for a resolution that aligns with the SLBA’s foundational principles. The call for an Extraordinary General Meeting is a proactive measure to address the current controversy and set the stage for a legitimate and democratic election process.


Marrah and Serry-Kamal’s efforts to organize an EGM reflect a broader concern for the integrity of legal and democratic institutions in Sierra Leone. By advocating for transparency and fairness, they aim to reinforce the SLBA’s role as a pillar of justice and legal integrity in the country. Their call to action has been met with support from various quarters, highlighting the widespread desire for a resolution that respects the rule of law and the democratic process.


As the legal community and the broader public await the outcomes of the proposed EGM, the focus remains on ensuring that the SLBA operates in a manner that is consistent with its values and commitments. The controversy surrounding the purported Board has underscored the importance of vigilance and active participation in maintaining the integrity of professional associations and their leadership structures.


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