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  • Thursday, 18 April 2024

"Mohamed Kallon Emerges as Contender for Liberia's National Team Coaching Role with Unconventional Approach"

Sierra Leonean football legend, Mohamed Kallon, has expressed his interest in the vacant coaching position for Liberia's national team. Despite the unconventional method of conveying his interest through "third parties or close friends," Kallon's impressive resume as a former Inter Milan and Monaco striker, along with his success as a coach for FC Kallon, has caught the attention of the Liberian Football Association (LFA).


Sources within the LFA acknowledge Kallon's pedigree, stating, "We are looking for someone with his pedigree. If he plays his cards well, he might get the job after Sierra Leone lets him down." However, the official coaching search process is slated to be announced in 2024, leaving Kallon's prospects with the Lone Stars uncertain.


While Kallon's approach may be unconventional, his experience and achievements make him a noteworthy candidate for the coaching role. The LFA appears open to considering his candidacy, contingent on the official coaching search process scheduled for the coming year.


It remains to be seen how Kallon's aspirations will align with the formal recruitment process, as the football community awaits the official announcement from the Liberian Football Association in 2024.

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