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  • Thursday, 20 June 2024
Pregnant Woman Carried Over Sticks to Access Medical Care in Sierra Leone Village

Pregnant Woman Carried Over Sticks to Access Medical Care in Sierra Leone Village

A recent video circulating on social media has sparked outrage and drawn attention to the dire situation of medical infrastructure in rural Sierra Leone. The video captured villagers in Yera Moria, a remote community, improvising makeshift transportation from sticks to carry a pregnant woman in need of urgent medical assistance.


The distressing incident unfolded in the early hours of the morning, around 1:00 am, as villagers rallied together to transport the pregnant woman to the nearest medical facility located in Yerayah. However, the lack of proper roads likely compounded the challenges of the journey.


A voiceover in the video, believed to be from one of the villagers assisting the woman, pleaded for help, stating, “We are taking her to Yerayah because there is no medical facility here.” This footage serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need for accessible healthcare in remote areas and calls upon both governmental and non-governmental organizations to address the alarming shortage of medical facilities.


The video has garnered significant attention online, with many expressing concern for the well-being of the pregnant woman and frustration over the persistent lack of accessible healthcare infrastructure in rural communities.


In response to the video, individuals from affected communities have shared their experiences and called on the government to take swift action to address the systemic issues underlying the inadequate healthcare services in remote regions.


As the debate continues, the incident serves as a rallying cry for improved healthcare infrastructure and access in rural Sierra Leone, highlighting the urgent need for investment and intervention to ensure the well-being of all citizens, especially those in marginalized communities.

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