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  • Friday, 21 June 2024

"Sylvia Blyden, APC Party Leader, Denounces Attacks on Female Referees in Sierra Leone's Female Premier League, Calls for Government Action"

Sylvia Blyden, a prominent female politician from Sierra Leone's opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party, has condemned the recent attacks on female referees during matches in the Sierra Leone Female Premier League. Blyden's condemnation comes after a female referee, Florence Yata Lebbie, was physically assaulted by individuals allegedly from the technical team of the Sierra Leone Police Female Football Club during a match on February 18, 2024.


The unfortunate incident occurred after the referee issued a red card against the Sierra Leone Police Female Football Club during their match with Patricia Umu FC in Kambia. This attack on Florence Yata Lebbie marks the fourth incident of male-perpetuated violence against female football referees in less than 10 days.


In her statement, Blyden expressed her frustration and blamed President Julius Maada Bio and his government for the continued violence against female referees. She criticized the government for its lack of action and failure to provide support and protection to women in sports.


Blyden questioned the government's commitment to gender equality, citing the presence of women in President Bio's cabinet as ministers of sport and gender. Despite having women in key positions, Blyden argued that the government has failed to address the issue of violence against women in sports.


She called on the government to take immediate action to protect female referees and ensure that women feel safe and supported in various sectors, including sports. Blyden's statement serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality in all aspects of society.

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