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  • Thursday, 25 July 2024

"Sierra Leone Ministry of Lands Warns Against Unauthorized Construction at Bo and Kenema Airfields"

The Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Country Planning has issued a stern warning concerning unauthorized construction activities taking place at the Bo and Kenema Airfields in Sierra Leone. In an official public notice, the Ministry highlighted that it has observed instances where individuals have begun construction projects within these designated airfields, which are government-owned properties and not subject to private ownership or sale.


According to the Ministry, extensive consultations involving stakeholders and local leaders, including Paramount Chiefs, have affirmed the government's ownership of these airfields. It was clarified that all necessary payments for lease rents and subsequent absolute purchases from landholding families have been settled, securing these areas exclusively for aviation purposes.


The public notice emphasizes the illegality of any transactions involving purported ownership of land within these airfields. The Ministry cautioned against engaging with individuals claiming to possess rights to these lands, stressing that such claims are invalid and may result in legal consequences. Furthermore, the Ministry declared its intention to dismantle any unauthorized structures erected within the Kenema air strip, reinforcing its commitment to uphold regulatory standards and preserve the integrity of these vital aviation facilities.


This directive from the Ministry underscores broader efforts to maintain lawful land use and safeguard public resources, particularly critical infrastructure essential for national aviation operations. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of adherence to regulatory frameworks in urban planning and development, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and protecting public interests across Sierra Leone.

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