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  • Thursday, 29 February 2024
MoHS and Pujehun District Health Team Successfully Conclude RMNCAH Stakeholder Meeting

MoHS and Pujehun District Health Team Successfully Conclude RMNCAH Stakeholder Meeting

"MoHS and Pujehun District Health Team Successfully Conclude RMNCAH Stakeholder Meeting"


The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), in collaboration with the Pujehun District Health Management Team, recently wrapped up a productive stakeholder meeting on Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) on November 20, 2023.


Conducted at the Pujehun District Council Hall, the meeting witnessed active participation from various government bodies, including Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, alongside key stakeholders like the District Health Management Team, Civil Society Organizations, officials from the Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, and members of the press.


Mrs. Patricia M. Bah, the Program Manager of the School and Adolescent Health Program at the Ministry of Health, emphasized the significance of addressing RMNCAH challenges for Sierra Leone’s holistic development, impacting the nation economically and socially.


The meeting aimed to enhance community awareness of sexual reproductive health and rights, adolescent sexual reproductive health, maternal and neonatal health issues. The goal was to promote positive health-seeking behavior, addressing issues such as adolescent pregnancies, sexual and gender-based violence, and increasing facility-based deliveries.


Mrs. Bah highlighted the importance of addressing adolescent health and teenage pregnancy, emphasizing the unique challenges faced by this age group as defined by the World Health Organization.


Discussions covered critical topics including family planning, gender equality, maternal and child nutrition, obstetric complications, readiness for referrals and deliveries, and the pressing issue of cervical cancer.


Ibrahim Borgiwa Swaray, Chairman of the Civil Society Forum in Pujehun District, representing civil society organizations, shed light on the marginalized role of women in decision-making processes concerning their health. Mabel King, the District Focal Person for Adolescents, emphasized challenges such as delayed healthcare-seeking behavior and low male involvement in child health services.


Sahr Emmanuel Yambasu, Chief Administrator of Pujehun District Council, commended the Ministry of Health for its efforts in advancing healthcare delivery. He reiterated the council’s commitment to supporting national health endeavors, emphasizing the crucial role both women and men play in community well-being.


The collaborative efforts showcased at this meeting underscored a collective commitment towards strengthening Sierra Leone’s health landscape for a brighter future.

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